HID Products

HID ADR100 HID ADR100 Photo ID Scanner
HID Aero LB HF Antenna HID Aero LB HF Antenna Robust and High-Performing HF Antenna
HID Aero X100 HID Aero X100 Input monitor interface module — supports up to 4 readers, 7 inputs, 4 outputs
HID Aero X1100 HID Aero X1100 Intelligent Controller — Up to 4 Readers, 7 Inputs, 4 Outputs
HID Aero X200 HID Aero X200 Input monitor interface module — monitoring up to sixteen general purpose inputs
HID Aero X300 HID Aero X300 Output control interface module — controlling up to twelve general purpose outputs
HID AKB500 HID AKB500 Keyboard With Integrated OCR Functionality
HID Approve HID Approve Simple Mobile Authentication & Transaction Signing
HID ArcID Enrollment HID ArcID Enrollment Improved security, enhanced privacy, lower cost of ownership
HID ArcID Identity Management HID ArcID Identity Management Identity record management software for biometric enrollment solutions
HID ArcID Mobile HID ArcID Mobile Rapid ID solution for law enforcement
HID ArcID Store and Forward HID ArcID Store and Forward Centralized electronic fingerprint transmission (EFT) record management