HID Products

HID® Asure ID™ Enterprise HID® Asure ID™ Enterprise Card personalization for multiple workstations sharing a common networked database
HID® Asure ID™ Exchange HID® Asure ID™ Exchange Support for more sophisticated secure credential applications, providing advanced smart card functionality & laser engraving
HID® Asure ID™ Express HID® Asure ID™ Express Powerful, stand alone card personalization software
HID® Asure ID™ Solo HID® Asure ID™ Solo Simple, Entry-Level Card Personalization Software
HID ATOM™ HID ATOM™ Full-Page ID Scanner, Document Imager and Electronic Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD) Reader
HID® Authentication Service HID® Authentication Service Cloud services for identity and authentication
HID® BGR135 HID® BGR135 2D Boarding Gate Ticket Reader With Printer Port
HID® BGR700 HID® BGR700 Boarding Gate Reader (BGR)
HID® BGR750 HID® BGR750 Flatbed Contactless Passenger Processing Device
HID® Bin Tag RFID Tags HID® Bin Tag RFID Tags For waste management RFID applications
HID® BioCore Middleware HID® BioCore Middleware Middleware Tools for Developing Biometric Enrollment Applications
HID® Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons and Gateways HID® Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons and Gateways Advanced Bluetooth Low Energy products with sensor technology and multi-protocol support