HID Products

HID® ADR100 HID® ADR100 Photo ID Scanner
HID® Aero® LB HF Antenna HID® Aero® LB HF Antenna Robust and high-performing HF antenna
HID® Aero® X100 HID® Aero® X100 Input monitor interface module — supports up to 4 readers, 7 inputs, 4 outputs
HID® Aero® X1100 HID® Aero® X1100 Intelligent Controller — Up to 4 Readers, 7 Inputs, 4 Outputs
HID® Aero® X200 HID® Aero® X200 Input monitor interface module — monitoring up to sixteen general purpose inputs
HID® Aero® X300 HID® Aero® X300 Output control interface module — controlling up to twelve general purpose outputs
HID® AKB500 HID® AKB500 Keyboard With Integrated OCR Functionality
HID Approve™ HID Approve™ Simple Mobile Authentication & Transaction Signing
HID® ArcID™ Enrollment HID® ArcID™ Enrollment Improved security, enhanced privacy, lower cost of ownership
HID® ArcID™ Identity Management HID® ArcID™ Identity Management Identity record management software for biometric enrollment solutions
HID® ArcID™ Mobile HID® ArcID™ Mobile Rapid ID solution for law enforcement
HID® ArcID™ Store and Forward HID® ArcID™ Store and Forward Centralized electronic fingerprint transmission (EFT) record management