Dedicated Services

HID Professional Services offers Dedicated Services to assist with ongoing operation and change management of deployed large-scale HID solutions.

On-site Dedicated Consultants

HID Professional Services can help ensure your continued success by providing on-site support for long-term engagements. The team can offer dedicated services consultants to assist with the operational management of your HID solutions on a day-to-day basis.

By providing ongoing subject matter expertise, HID’s Dedicated Services Consultants expedite troubleshooting, help identify risk mitigation strategies during upgrades of HID’s solutions, and reduce training costs by minimizing the training needed for internal staff.

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Key Benefits

Benefits of Ongoing Support

Dedicated Services helps reduce your daily operational risks by delivering the following:

  • Single point of contact for everything related to HID solutions and technology
  • Consulting on operational adoption of HID solutions
  • Security reviews of the deployed HID solution
  • Ongoing audit of the HID solution to ensure that it is operating according to best practices
  • Quick problem resolution via direct access into HID Support and Engineering
  • Day-to-day configuration and performance tuning
  • Documentation such as upgrade plans, test plans, deployment guidelines, and technical notes
  • Ongoing HID product training and knowledge transfer
  • Oversight and review to ensure the correct implementation of HID product upgrades and configuration changes

Our Tried & Tested Methodology

Based upon more than two decades of experience successfully delivering security controls, strong authentication and credential management projects, HID Professional Services designed and developed the HID Project Assurance methodology.

HID Project Assurance is a complete project methodology delivered by dedicated project managers that meets the most complex deployment challenges by incorporating industry best practices such as:

  • Project Management Institute – Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMI® - PMBOK®)
  • Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2™)
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Experience Deploying Complex Solutions

Fast and effective deployment of your HID solution shortens the time it takes to see value from your investment. The HID Professional Services team has successfully deployed Genuine HID products and solutions efficiently and cost-effectively hundreds of times over the past 20 years. These projects cover a broad variety of industries spread out across the globe, including assistance to:

  • Numerous financial institutions to deploy their online banking solutions;
  • Large and small enterprises to secure their physical and logical access;
  • Governments to ensure the success and highest privacy standards of their credential management and authentication processes.


A recent customer satisfaction survey shows that:

  • 100% would recommend HID Global Professional Services
  • 100% would do business with HID Global Professional Services again
  • 100% agree that the HID Professional Services team was knowledgeable, courteous and helpful


  • Banking &

    Secure facilities & safeguard online transactions.

  • Enterprise &

    Secure systems & facilities.

  • Government

    Meet information security & compliance requirements.

  • Healthcare

    Safeguard environment for patients & employees.