ActivID Tap Authentication

ActivID® Tap Authentication™ is a security solution that enables users to authenticate applications and gain access to services by tapping their mobile device with the same secure smart card they use to open doors.


Tap to access cloud apps from mobile devices

HID Global’s ActivID® Tap Authentication™ is the industry’s first solution for secure, fast, easy authentication to Microsoft® Office365 and other cloud-based apps, such as, from your Android™ phone or Windows® tablet or laptop. It makes user authentication simple, convenient and cost-effective while adding two-factor authentication. Now you can Simply Tap™ to access the applications and services you need to do your daily work.

The solution connects and verifies users in the cloud via a Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) plug-in and HID Global’s Authentication Cloud Service, eliminating the need for on-premise hardware or service contracts to maintain.

Introducing the ActivID Tap Client SDK
The ActivID Tap Client SDK enables HID customers to embed the power of HID® Global's ActivID® Tap authentication solution into their own mobile or web applications, enabling employees to simply tap their iCLASS Seos card to access over 2,500 cloud apps on any NFC-enabled device.

What can I do with the ActivID Tap Client SDK?
With the ActivID Tap Client SDK customers, integrators and software developers can enable their third-party applications with ActivID Tap capability including:

  • Read/write of data from the Seos credential
  • Generating One-Time Passwords (OTPs) for strong multi-factor authentication

Download the Tap SDK


How Tap Authentication Works

Hover over or click on each component for details of the solution, or download the ActivID Tap Authentication brochure for more information.

Open browser on Windows 7laptop or Android phone, andtype the URL for the app. Enterusername and domain PW. powered by HID Cards Tap card. ActivID Tap AD FS Authentication Provider + Microsoft Windows Server HID Cloud AuthenticationServices + Seos IDP Active Directory
Strong Authentication
iCLASS Seos 500X Smart Card

HID 500x iCLASS® Seos®

  • Strong authentication
  • Data confidentiality
  • Multiple SIOs storage
Secure Access
510x iCLASS® Seos™ Proximity Smart Card

HID 510x iCLASS® Seos® + Prox Card

  • Multi-application
  • Enterprise-ready
  • Supports proximity migration
Small Footprint
OMNIKEY 5427 CK Card Reader


  • Enhanced security
  • CCID Support
  • Keyboard wedge support