Authenticity & Brand Protection

Authenticity and brand protection allows brands to implement trusted brand integrity by embedding a cryptographically secure RFID/NFC tag to deliver brand authentication.

Embedded RFID adds authenticity to goods

Counterfeit goods are a global challenge across all industries. They can result in lost sales and a poor user experience. Embedding cryptographically secure tags into goods authenticates the items and can potentially enhance the customer‘s experience, increase consumer loyalty and improve product functionality.

For enhanced consumer interaction, innovative HID Trusted Tag® Services combine patented, unclonable NFC inlays and labels with a cloud-based authentication platform to enable product authentication for consumers using a NFC smartphones and other smart devices. No app development or installation required.

Custom designed RFID tags:

  • Tags can be embedded into a consumable products (cartridges, gas cylinders and filters); the tags can then be read by a device to ensure user safety and proper configuration.
  • HID Global‘s direct bonding technology also makes it possible to custom design tiny ring tags or other special form factors.