Biometric Criminal Booking

Quickly and accurately capture high quality biometric data for criminal enrollment.

Criminal Enrollment Made Easy

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Booking of criminals using biometrics, such as face or fingerprints/palmprints, gives law enforcement officers a chance to collect biometric data and enter it in the system. This enables law enforcement agencies to track and identify them in the future.

But that is not all. Collection of biometric data during criminal booking can be used in many other activities in a correction center or prison, such as tracking of inmates during booking, release, movements and transfers.

HID criminal enrollment solutions enable the highest quality capture of biometric data for identity authentication, giving law enforcement and military officers the right tools to be more effective in protecting those they serve.

What Sets Us Apart

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Expedite Enrollment

High-quality biometric images are captured quickly and easily at the time of booking, ensuring security and safety of booking officers.
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High Quality Biometric Data

Captures high quality biometrics data with high-contrast, low-noise prints, enabling faster and more accurate matching across a wide range of databases.
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Automated Process

Biometric data is automatically compiled into the required format and submitted to various agencies’ databases, based on the workflow.
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Centralized Record Management

Digital records—including biometric, biographical and criminal history—are easily managed, archived and can be seamlessly shared among agencies.

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