Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology

Combat piracy, secure operations and improve customer engagement.

Protecting your brand against fraud is a global challenge across all industries as grey market activities and counterfeiting typically result in negative product performance, poor customer experience and lost sales ― all of which can have a significant impact on market value and ultimately damage the brand.

Major brands around the world are now implementing secure and connected RFID anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect their products against fraud ― from production throughout the supply chain to the point of sale.

Digitally Authenticate From Production to Purchase

The need for trust is paramount across business applications, processes and buyers. Consumer products and goods are now using secure identification technology to protect their brands, prevent theft, and provide digital product authentication from production to purchase.

HID Trusted Tag Services provide a trusted Internet of Things (IoT) experience between brands and their buyers. A secure NFC tag is embedded into each product during the manufacturing process and is easily read using NFC-enabled smartphones (both Android and iOS v11 and newer) or used in high frequency (HF) mode for pre-sale applications. Due to the advanced cryptographic capabilities of HID’s Trusted Tag, the embedded tag cannot be cloned or copied. Additionally, the extended security features in HID’s Cloud Authentication Service provide an authentic brand experience from the time of production, through every step of the distribution process to the consumer sale.

Example Product Authentication Experience in Practice

Trusted Tag Services on a smart phone

Add Trust While Enhancing Brand Experience

Of equal importance, major brands are able to leverage the connected world of the IoT to continually engage with consumers post-sale, to build and fortify brand loyalty. Regardless of industry, counterfeit parts or goods dampen how the customer interacts with a brand. With the latest innovations in HID Trusted Tag Services, it is possible to build brand protection and product authentication into every element of the product lifecycle and add trust to consumer engagements.

How Trusted Tag Services Works

HID Trusted Tag Services can facilitate transactions simply by tapping an attached or embedded NFC tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to securely communicate information. This results in a frictionless authentication experience using a solution that fuels more powerful and dynamic Internet of Things applications.

Bring it all together. Hover over each component for details of the solution.

Interactive Content Delivers a Unique Brand Engagement

Integrate NFC or BLE technologies into digital touchpoints to deliver a more engaging and interactive user experience into physical media or objects ― including posters, product packaging, point-of-purchase displays and other promotions.

Trusted Tag Services for brand protection

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