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Safe, secure, timely and trackable delivery of returnable transport items.

RFID Container Tracking for Every Shipment

When transport containers are tracked carefully, the movement of millions of dollars’ worth of assets can be monitored. Accurate tracking protects the company ensuring that its investments align with current and future demands.

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From day one you had good solutions for every challenge. We had a long list of requirements. We needed the tags to withstand extreme heat as well as extreme cold. They needed to be watertight (IP68) and counterfeit proof so they could not be removed and re-used or copied. They needed to be lightweight but also very strong. The co-operation between our two companies was nothing less than very special. A beautiful product, a beautiful solution. Nothing less than great.

Léonard Smits
Legal Counsel
Container Centralen

RFID Location Tracking Offers Exceptional Value for RTI Shippers

What is an RTI?

Returnable Transport Item (RTI) is anything that can bulk carry products or goods such as pallets, roll cages, returnable plastic containers, tote boxes, ingredients bins, dollies, IBCs (i.e., intermediate bulk containers), gas cylinders, kegs, etc.

The use of RTIs has been indispensable in both the modern shipping and consumer goods industries yet are also subject to supply-chain issues, waste, operational inefficiencies, billing and account errors, worldwide tractability regulations and ballooning management overhead costs.

However, RFID tags can provide increased economic visibility into the location of RTIs and the assets they carry that extend far beyond the cargo ship but deep into the vast network of trucks that deliver products to every point on the globe.

RFID technology can be an essential tool in enabling organizations to better manage, trace, track and audit their RTIs as they travel the world.

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RFID Tags for Virtually Every Type of Container

Robust RFID transponders enhance container system inventory tracking, operational efficiency and lifecycle management. LF, HF and UHF RFID tags are available for optimal performance on wood, plastic or metal shipping containers of virtually any shape or size.

Standard HID RFID tags are designed for virtually any container, including refillable metal cylindrical beverage kegs, chemical drums, gas cylinders, large steel shipping and cargo containers, and wooden or plastic crates and pallets. HID can also create a custom tag to meet any requirements for chip type, dimensions, programming and materials.

Case Study: RFID Tags to Secure Horticulture Logistics

HID worked closely with Lyngsoe Systems to put forward a solution that was not only a significant improvement from the incumbent tagging solution but also far ahead of the other companies in the tender process.

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Video: Customer Testimonial — Container Centralen

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