Customer Authentication Solutions

Increasing customer expectations and demand for services anytime, anywhere are challenging financial institutions to rethink their existing business models and consider new ways of interacting with their customers.

Navigating the Digital Banking Revolution

Ever-increasing fraud across multiple channels, coupled with new regulations and competitive landscapes, pose greater challenges for banks. As financial institutions adapt to evolving demands in today’s market, delivering innovative new services becomes imperative to stay ahead of the competition.

This new era of digital banking brings compelling challenges that impact user experience, regulatory compliance, and operational effectiveness while also providing new opportunities for growth.

Financial institutions look to satisfy the increase of customer expectations in a hyper-connected world where intuitive experience and innovative digital services are re-shaping lifestyles. As digital identity becomes our passport through the digital world, financial institutions are expected to protect it. It is urgent to safeguard customer’s trust and seize new growth opportunities all while meeting the requirements of regulations.

OPPORTUNITIES CHALLENGES Customers demand seamless userexperience across different channels Traditional banks need to developcompetitive advantages in order todifferentiate themselves and ensuresustainable growth Adaptive security approach to tacklesophisticated fraud is key Further investments will be required inorder to meet the requirements of theregulator willing to protect the interestsand assets of the customers Hyper ConnectedWorld IncreasingCompetition GrowingFraud Regulation/ComplianceRequirements Financial organizations must considernew business models where creatingnew added value services will result innew customer acquisition Open Banking and Open APIs willenable banks to offer innovativeservices resulting in increasedcustomer stickiness Protecting customers and their assetsbecomes key in a mobile connectedworld where digital transactions areshaping new lifestyles Business growth integrates riskmanagement and compliance as amedium to respond to technologychanges

login screen for HID Approve

HID Global Integrates with Temenos Infinity to Create FinTech Solution

Temenos Infinity platform users can now benefit from the HID multi-factor authentication features to seamlessly secure their customer banking experience

  • Enhanced usability while increasing security
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention rates

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Financial Malware

Financial organizations today are at more risk for malware than ever before. Protect corporate assets against stealing, encrypting, and deleting sensitive data, monitoring activity without permission, or alternating core functions.

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