Digital Advertising & NFC Marketing

Digital advertising integrates NFC or Bluetooth technologies into digital touch points to deliver a more engaging and interactive user experience into physical media - including posters, product packaging, point-of-purchase displays and other outdoor promotions.


Implement secure or standard NFC Marketing campaigns

Increasingly, companies are seeking to extend customer engagement with their brand by incorporating the benefits of social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) technology that empowers customer conversations. As a result, marketers are incorporating digital, interactive media into promotional campaigns, and they need access to data analytics to gage the success of these programs for better marketing decisions and measurable KPIs.

HID Global offers multiple options to incorporate location based marketing so companies can interact in real time with customers via smartphones and other NFC-enabled devices:

  • Standard NFC Inlays and Labels: A quick and cost-effective option to integrate digital touch points into posters, product packaging, point-of-purchase displays, magazines and other physical media.
  • HID Trusted Tag® Services: An innovative solution for high-security applications. The solution combine patented NFC Inlays and Labels with a cloud-based authentication platform to power frictionless, secure transactions for proof-of-presence, sweepstakes or product authentication.

Implementing standard or secure NFC Inlays and Labels for geo-location marketing is effortless, improves participation and customer satisfaction over cumbersome QR-code or text-message based systems. Inlays with translucent adhesive hide discretely behind a poster or display, or inside a product housing or package. Labels are imprinted with high-visibility graphics to encourage customer interaction interact with your brand.

How it Works

How Trusted Tag Services Works

HID Trusted Tag Services can facilitate transactions simply by tapping an attached or embedded NFC tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to securely communicate information. This results in a frictionless authentication experience using a solution that fuels more powerful and dynamic Internet of Things applications.

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HID Trusted Tag: Programmed secure NFC tag available in a varitey of form factors NFC enabled smartphone or tablet Branded web interface and integrated application HID Cloud Authentication: Strong authentication service verifies authentic cryptographic OTP