Employee Authentication Solutions

Proactive employee security protects financial institutions from security breaches by monitoring employee activities and communications.


Support business agility in a hyper connected world

With ever-increasing fraud across multiple channels, financial institutions are expected to embrace the growth of mobile and increase their protection while striving in a competitive market and aiming to meet the requirements of upcoming regulations. Implementing technology solutions to monitor and secure employee activities and communications is an important step to detect indicators of conduct breaches.

opportunities-challenges-employee-authOPPORTUNITIESCHALLENGESIncrease employee productivity whileenhancing operational efficiencyProviding superiorUXto employeeshelps increase security adoption withinthe enterpriseProtectcorporatereputation and dataDecrease fines and align with globalcertificationsRising Use ofCloud ApplicationsIncreasing Use ofMobile Devices/BYODGrowingFraudRegulation/ComplianceRequirementsIncreasing vulnerability and risk ofbreachesExposed corporate assets andkeepingcontrol on the devices securityNeed forreal-time risk detectionLegacy along with growing numberofregulations andrequirementsforcertification