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Gaming and Casino Secure Identity

Customer age and identity assurance technology.

Casinos, gaming and sports betting institutions must verify the identity of every customer with certainty to safeguard profits and to protect against regulatory, financial and reputational damage. Providing the assurance the industry seeks, HID's suite of machine-based, state-of-the-art ID document reading devices are designed for use in a variety of gaming applications. 

Key Features of Machine-Based ID Document Reading

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Increased accuracy due to document-specific forensic tests that eliminate manual screening errors
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Reduced transaction time with simple operator interface requires less training and saves on operating costs
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Improved customer experience due to accurate, rapid processing reduces wait time

More efficient facilitation of and compliance with local, state and federal regulation

Protecting Your Casino's Reputation and Bottom Line

Our biometric identity verification solutions capture customer data and authenticate documents such as driver’s licenses, passports and government IDs in seconds, helping to prevent fraud while simultaneously improving the efficiency of identity validation in casinos and betting institutions. In addition to our industry-leading ID readers, products such as the TripTick® — a unique, state-of-the-art, three-in-one device that reads barcodes, RFID and facilitates EMV contactless payments from a single point of presentation — are designed for use in a variety of gaming applications: SSBT (Self Service Betting Terminals), VGT (Video Gaming Terminals), VLT (Video Lottery Terminals), ATMs and other gaming or retail kiosks.

Key Benefits of Three-in-One Ticket & Token Reading

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Single point of presentation
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Intuitive operation reduces wait time and queues
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Lower inventory costs, one device not three
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Simple integration and installation

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