ID Document Issuance

Secure, end-to-end ePassport and eID card solutions that are ICAO-compliant and uniquely customizable.

HID Global meets the most demanding requirements for security, quality, and effective execution in today’s most complex ID programs. We provide an unparalleled range of solutions and industry expertise covering all aspects of the government-to-citizen identification market. From complex ID document issuance and management solutions to electronic inlays and security components, we work with our customers to tailor our offering to suit their specific requirements.

Identity Management Software

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HID Integrale™

A modular end-to-end solution for the issuance and management of secure electronic documents.
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HID Integrale™ N-PKD

Exchange and manage country signing certificates
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Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions and products integrate with all modern ICAO® electronic and machine readable (MRP) travel documents.

Passport Covers

We provide a wide selection of specific products engineered for your passport application including flexible textile or paper-based materials and custom designs.

Secure Sewing Thread

With more than 30 references in security sewing thread for passports, HID Global is the uncontested market leader for advanced booklet binding solutions.

Secure Laminates

HID Global partners with the best holographic and laminate film manufacturers in the industry to design overlays to the most exacting requirements. 


HID Global's portfolio of inlays provides state printers with high-quality, ready-to-use products to craft electronic passports that are ICAO-compliant.

eID Cards

HID Global offers a wide variety of secure ID cards, innovative prelaminates and security features. Our field-proven and tested features allow government agencies and system integrators alike the ability to create unique citizen IDs to suit their specific application. 

HID Mirage™ is the only window-based laser engraved ghost portrait with a watermark effect that delivers unparalleled document and holder verification at first sight. Easy to authenticate and ISO24789 compliant, Mirage is available for cards and datapages.

HID Paperlam® Shield is an innovative thin electromagnetic barrier, smoothly integrated into a paper e-Passport inlay. 

HID Skylam™ is a polycarbonate inlay with built-in custom windows that can be easily assembled with the rest of the card's structural layers, prior to hot press lamination. 

HID Crack Prevention Feature (CPF) protects both the polycarbonate (PC) and the chip module. This technology optimizes the reliability of polycarbonate documents by reducing the physical stresses in the chip region of the card which are induced by lamination.

HID Design Services

The design of a passport or security document is so much more than the physical object itself. It is significant and symbolic, evocative and iconic — a cultural statement that respects a proud heritage while looking to the future. Our design services allow nations to deliver on that sense of integrity and promise with every identity document. 

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