Contact Tracing



Companies around the globe are preparing their facility to be a safe and compliant workspace for their employees. New government guidelines require employers to help minimize the rise of infectious diseases as employees return to work. HID Location Services enables organizations to automate policies including employee social distancing and contact tracing. These policies are critical to operations and ensure businesses can scale.

Contact tracing procedures are historically seen in healthcare environments to localize and trace people and clinicians who have been in contact with an infected person. Today, this is a mandatory process for most industries globally. Traditionally, tracking down every person who has encountered an infected person took days with manual tools. Using HID Location Services, contact tracing is achieved within hours in the event of a symptomatic employee.

Location Services

How it Works

Contact tracing is a known procedure to mitigate outbreaks, however it is historically labor intensive. HID Location Services delivers real-time analytics and reporting for quick and effective resolutions. Company officials can trace historical movements, quickly locate exposed team members and initiate isolation protocols instantly to mitigate further spread of illness.


Contact tracing uses the same HID Location Services technology for employee social distancing. The employee’s BEEKs Credential registers location, distance, and time period which is sent to Bluzone Cloud for reporting and analysis. If someone in the facility becomes ill, organizations can quickly identify historical interactions with other employees through automated reporting to initiate follow-up. Organizations receive relevant information on persons identified as exposure risks, names of those who were in proximity of the infected person, location and duration times.

Location Services

Location Services

HID Location Services lays the foundation for more IoT services that are available today using the same ecosystem. Business do not need to abandon any investments for long term use. Across industries, Location Services technologies from HID are used to manage building occupancies, space optimization, and asset tracking. Additionally, in industrial applications, manufacturers can implement remote HID Condition Monitoring to predict failures and monitor health of equipment using same architecture. Learn more.