Identity Lifecycle Management

Creating, managing and revoking access of users, authentication credentials or IoT devices at scale is a challenge for any organization. Our solutions offer security, efficiency, and scalability — all from a single source.

Identity Lifecycle Management

Automate and Simplify Identity Lifecycle Control

The effective management of countless identities within a large organization is critical to security. Beyond protecting critical data, physical identities also require access control. Employees and visitors within a workplace need the right access to the right areas and for the right amount of time. Also, the proliferation of IoT means organizations need an effective way to manage new headless networked devices without manual intervention.

Secure identities are the foundation of any zero-trust approach. Only HID Global offers enterprise-grade, large-scale solutions to automate the identity lifecycle of users for data and workplace access, high-assurance credentials, and PKI-based IoT device security.

HID’s identity lifecycle management solutions allow organizations to:

  • Boost security and reduce your attack surface
  • Simplify the issuance and management of authenticators and digital certificates
  • Expand to converged high-assurance credentials for secure access to IT assets and physical premises
  • Implement efficient policy-based management of access rights and changing access needs
  • Easily deploy with a flexible platform available on-prem, hybrid, or in the cloud
  • Reduce regulatory risk and ensure compliance with an auditable trail

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More than 2,500 of the most security-conscious businesses and organizations around the globe trust HID Global for their secure identity needs.

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Nissan Europe: HID Credential Management Solution reduced support and management costs in an organization with over 7,000 employees and 34 locations.
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This complete and flexible solution enables us to remotely add new access to employee’s services, with a powerful role delegation to local entities in a scalable environment."

Graham Orton
Manager Architecture, Strategy, Planning, and Security