HID® DigitalPersona® for Financial Services

Protect your sensitive financial systems, applications and data, while maintaining rigorous financial regulatory compliance to FFIEC, PCI, NIST, GDPR and more.

Drivers in Financial Services Data Security

Turn tellers, loan officers, branch managers and other employees into active participants in protecting your financial institution. Whether using a fingerprint for rapid log-in to shared workstations with HID DigitalPersona® or a FIDO2 security key for authenticating to a web app with HID Crescendo®, HID can help you balance security with user convenience.

Easy-to-Deploy and Support MFA: Minimize disrupting IT and bank employees with quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage MFA.

  • Support Shared Workstations: Roaming user profiles allow employees to move freely between and within your secured workplaces
  • Balance Security and Convenience: Secure access to valuable corporate resources can be as easy as tapping a card or scanning a fingerprint
  • Compliance Made Easy: Adopt a Zero Trust IAM approach that evolves with security standards, technologies and industry regulations
  • Converged Logical and Physical Access: Secure access to facilities and IT resources with the convenience of a single Crescendo credential
  • Choice and Flexibility: Use the credential best suited for your bank, including FIDO, PKI and OATH

Balance Security and Convenience

Empower IT with the flexibility to deploy contextually appropriate authentication methods whenever and wherever needed. System administrators can manage customizable authentication programs on the fly with an array of traditional and risk-based factors.

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Rapid Adaptability With Full Compliance

Deploy in days with minimal disruption to end-users — both workforce and customers. HID DigitalPersona makes multi-factor authentication and identity provisioning simple while complying with the rigorous regulatory standards that safeguard data and network security.

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