Advanced Multi-factor Authentication for Enterprises

HID Global's multi-factor authentication solution provides 360° protection of networks, systems, apps and digital assets. Easily balance usability and security with one of the broadest selection of factors available.

Drivers in Enterprise IT Security

Security breaches, growing regulatory and compliance requirements, and shifting preferences of workforce and consumer users towards easier, frictionless authentication methods are all putting a burden on enterprise IT. Striking the right balance of security and convenience is more important than ever. Instead of just another “security tool,” enterprises need strategic identity platforms that can solve these challenging problems while demonstrating quick and continuous ROI.

HID Global helps enterprises solve their most complex authentication challenges. Our platforms are deployable as cloud-hosted, on-premise, or hybrid, allowing you to manage your solution as you choose. With the ability to support all types of users and freedom of choice in authentication factors, you can finally balance usability and protection based on specific security goals.

HID Global Advanced Authentication for Enterprises allows you to:

  • Establish secure user identities as a foundation for Zero Trust security
  • Secure all applications and endpoints — on-prem, in the cloud or hybrid
  • Build a frictionless user experience for your employees, contractors, partners, consumers and even vendors
  • Expand from traditional authentication methods to contextual risk-based factors
  • Integrate seamlessly with native support for Active Directory, Azure AD and Office 365
  • Support modern security protocols such as FIDO2, OAUTH, and SAML
  • Maintain an auditable trail of security events and meet regulatory cybersecurity requirements
  • Implement customized solutions to fit unique needs with HID Global Professional Services

Balance Security with User Convenience

Match the perfect authentication factor to the user or specific use case with one of the broadest selections of authentication factors available in the industry. We offer physical tokens, cards and USB keys for the most demanding high assurance access needs; digital for on-the-go mobile users; and frictionless factors that seem almost invisible to deploy and use.

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Maintain Enterprise Compliance Requirements

Compliance and regulatory needs drive many authentication projects. HID Global helps organizations in all industries around the globe select and deploy the right solution to achieve and maintain compliance:

Industry Leading Experience

Threats and modes of attack have evolved, but so have strong authentication solutions. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) secures your people and data by requiring a combination of something you have, something you know and something you are.


Things connected with HID Global technologies


HID Global IAM products protect more than 85 million user identities


HID Global issues and manages more than 80% of PIV cards in North America

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Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co, Ltd. See how HID Global's strong, multi-factor authentication solution secured access for mobile users and increased efficiency in implementation and everyday IT administration tasks.
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quote-mfa-enterpriseA win-win for our mobile employees and IT personnel, it isnot often that you find a solutionthat increases security and isconvenient to use.Tatsuya Kawashima, Group Leader