HID SAFE™ for Banking and Finance

HID SAFE for Banking and Finance enables the automation and central management of workforce and visitor physical access identities. Safeguard highly secure areas, reduce insider threats, and automate reporting from a single platform.

SAFE Enterprise

Mitigate Security Risk with Centralized PIAM

In a time when your bank’s ability to store and safeguard customer data is scrutinized more than ever, the use of multiple access control systems and manual processes leave security vulnerabilities that have the potential to devastate your brand, stock and future. These challenges can be solved by streamlining and automating the entire Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) lifecycle.

HID SAFE™ helps banking and financial institutions to:

  • Reduce security risk from insider threats and unauthorized access with centralized management.
  • Keep up with regulatory compliance and audits through reliable audit trails with predictive analytics and automated reporting.
  • Enhance operational efficiencies with system interoperability and the elimination of manual tasks and streamlined identity management processes.
  • Reduce overall operational cost with reduced paper-based request forms and automated reports that allow for increased efficiency in data analysis and lower processing times.

Protect Customer Data and Brand Reputation

In today’s global financial market, brand reputation is at stake when it comes to effectively safeguarding customer data. HID SAFE helps close the gap in the security vulnerabilities associated with manual processes and multiple physical access control systems. A single, centralized platform enables management of all types of physical identities from workforce to visitors. The risk of insider threats and unauthorized access is significantly reduced.

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Predict Workplace Threats Before They Happen

Minimize insider threats and protect high-risk areas with security intelligence dashboards and reports. HID SAFE uses real-time machine-learning-based technology that collects and correlates both cyber and physical identity data, providing you with actionable security insights, and reports.

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Simplify Regulatory Compliance and Reduce Audit Cycles

Automate audits related to access rights for simpler compliance. HID SAFE records every access request and approval and a complete, up-to-date record is always available or you can configure and automate reports.

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Efficiency, Scalability and Less Cost

Spend less time and money managing security and physical access operations. By working with your existing physical access systems, multiple biometrics systems, background checking services, and more, HID SAFE helps saves cost by minimizing rip and replace practices.

Through standards-based API’s and connectors, HID SAFE can integrate with most existing and future systems in a security and identity environment. It’s simple to connect and streamline the toolsets you know and use — today and as your needs grow.