Age Verification


Combining Legal Responsibility with Customer Satisfaction

Studies have shown that around 60% of all customer service interventions at self-checkouts are due to age-related checks - at a significant inconvenience to the customer, and a huge cost to the retailer. In addition, online gaming and betting operators must ensure they have the necessary age verification steps and age restrictions in place to prevent underage customers from accessing their platforms. Clinicians must also verify patient data, including age. Brick and mortar companies, online businesses and hospitals are utilizing verification technology to identify customers and patients and verify their age. Customers only need to verify their age one time, allowing repeat customers to breeze through the checkout, patients to receive on-time inoculations and the correct medicine dosage, and online purchasers to swiftly conduct their business. Age verification technology allows companies to save time on staff labor intervention, comply with the law and significantly enhance the user experience.

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