Identity Verification for Government Benefit Distribution

Identity Verification and Authentication for Public Benefits Distribution

Identity verification is becoming increasingly important as the costs of fraud and identity theft increase for public distribution of government aid and funds. As an aspect of the ‘something you are’ factor, biometric solutions provide the strongest identity verification and authentication technology available. Organizations and government entities can quickly capture, record and verify identities across a network, alerting them of potential threats and creating an audit trail of flagged activity to streamline investigations and mitigate losses.

HID Global has a range of identity verification solutions for government benefits allowing for important physical or logical protection.

Key Benefits:

  • Currently powers the world's largest biometric identification system for benefit distribution, resulting in $3 billion in annual, fraud-related savings
  • Delivers up to 99.9% fool-proof identification for accurate government benefit distribution
  • Seamless one-touch solution for citizen enrollment, verification and validation
  • Mobile solution works seamlessly in remote regions