Patient Identification

Over 85 million US patients are already enrolled using HID Global biometric patient identification and authentication technology, allowing hospitals to greatly reduce patient wait time and...

Biometric Patient Identification & Authentication

Providers could unknowingly contribute to identity theft if they are not properly authenticating the patient’s identity prior to rendering healthcare services. While established patients may have a copy of their ID on file, new patients likely won’t, so a healthcare providers and hospitals needs the ability to confirm that the person receiving care is actually the person listed on the patient record and not someone else who has stolen the identity.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves patient experience — pre-enrollment reduces patient wait time by 80%
  • Prevents misdiagnosis — biometric identity authentication technology reduces misidentification errors by 13%
  • Verifies eligibility of care — healthcare services are administered only to the intended patient
  • Mitigates costly litigation due to misdiagnosis
  • Improves patient safety and reduces medical errors
  • Enhances patient experience and streamlines workflows
  • Protects against fraud and eliminates duplicate and overlaid medical records
  • Reduces medical claim denials and improves financial outcomes