Prescription Medication Compliance & Optimized Clinician Workflow

Pharmacy & Drug Prescription Compliance With Optimized...

With over 15 years of history deploying id verification devices for a myriad of healthcare applications, HID Global works with every major software solution provider to simplify the delivery of everyday healthcare — from improving operational efficiencies and reducing risk, to increasing security. We create safe workspaces that drive profitability and compliance by quickly capturing and recording clinician identity using biometrics across a network, alerting organizations of potential threats and creating an audit trail of flagged activity to streamline investigation and mitigate losses.

Our biometric identification technology is available as stand-alone readers and can also be integrated into many other end-point devices such as laptops, keyboards, medical dispensing cabinets and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Save on clinician labor costs by up to 45 minutes per day
  • Save on IT resources by mitigating 90% of lost/stolen identification and password-related help-desk calls
  • Avoid costly litigation by verifying clinician identity
  • Reduce fraud with unique, irrefutable credentials and an activity audit log
  • Comply seamlessly with HIPAA, JCO, DEA-compliant EPCS, CFR Title 21 SS 130.06, FIPS 201 and FDA regulations
  • Prevent prescription drug theft
  • Provide security and reduce workflow with one-touch access for shared workstations
  • Easily integrate with plug-and-play to healthcare provider software for either single sign-on or multi-factor authentication
  • Increase customer service quality by reducing patient wait times