Ticket Reading and Validation

Over the last few years mobile ticketing has grown massively in popularity, offering a simpler and more pleasant user experience while reducing cost and complexity for operators.

Transportation Ticketing

HID Global offers products that are built for integration into TVMs (ticket vending machines), gates, turnstiles and stand-alone platform validators as well as on-board products — designed for all contactless NFC (near-field communication) ticketing systems, including cEMV payment and QR/barcode.

In modern transit systems passenger throughput is vitally important. Delays while passengers struggle to find and present a readable ticket can cause long queues, disgruntled customers and reputational damage to the transit authority. Our transportation and ticketing technology creates a seamless, intuitive user experience that can be found in action in mass transit systems around the world, including light and heavy rail, metro and subway, buses and coaches and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless integration into multiple legacy, current and future ticketing technologies, with all reads taken from a single point of presentation in less than half a second
  • Lower sales and operational costs
  • New revenue opportunities that come from electronic promotions
  • Better data collection
  • Speedier passenger boarding, resulting in an enhanced customer experience

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Venue Ticketing

Operators and designers of entry systems, including access and exit to places of work, museums, amusement parks, trade fairs, stadia, car parks and more, have turned to technology to streamline and enhance the visitor journey.

HID Global readers have been designed to provide safe, secure and simple access to a range of buildings and structures. From delivering a bar-coded visitor pass to someone’s email before he or she visits a corporate office, to delivering thousands of concert tickets via electronic barcodes, supplying print-at-home tickets or downloaded NFC eTickets, HID Global devices deliver a convenient and secure experience, regardless of the ticket technology. This, in turn, speeds up visitor passage and prevents bottlenecks in high-throughput environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable barcode and RFID data capture
  • Optimized visitor throughput for shorter lines and enhanced user experience
  • Increased security

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