Credential Management

HID Global’s strong authentication solution starts with a secure supporting ecosystem. Everything you need to deploy, update, scale and customize credentials - provided by a single vendor.


Power Your Workforce While Protecting Your Assets

HID Global is the only vendor that offers a complete lifecycle management solution. Our broad range of multi-factor identity solutions - smart cards, USB tokens, apps, software - ensure that your organization will secure the exact coverage you need.


More than 27 million users are protected by our tokens, cards, servers & certificates


ActivID® CMS manages more than 64% of the PIV card issuance market


HID Global IAMS protects more than 14 million identities worldwide

"Smartcards, tokens, biometrics, and secure mobile apps provide the flexibility to customize your authentication process—striking the right balance between IT security and user convenience"

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Strong Authentication


"HID PIV is the streamlined solution that ensures data security while granting access — enabling authorization to the right users and restricting access to others."

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Industry Recognition