Solving Identity Management Problems

HID SAFE integrates siloed systems, automates key processes and simplifies control of all physical identities across the various locations of an organization to ensure that each identity has the right access to the right areas, for the right length of time.


Employee Management

For organizations with multiple locations and various sets of employee identities with unique access requirements, traditional ways of managing physical access within siloed physical access control systems (PACS) present considerable challenges:

  • Multiple, disparate PACS may not be integrated with authoritative systems or other security systems, creating significant manual efforts
  • The enforcement of security policies is often also managed manually, making processes inconsistent and error-prone
  • These manual processes result in risky access-related issues such as duplicate identities, unauthorized access, limited or no validation of pre-requisites for access provisioning, absent audit trails for access assignments and other matters that create significant security concerns

HID SAFE Enterprise streamlines and centralizes the management of the physical access lifecycle for an organization’s employees.

  • Local functions including end user requests are enabled through a self-service portal
  • New capabilities such as policy-driven access rights, approvals, background checks and centralized revocation are realized at the enterprise level
  • Security and facilities teams gain clear visibility and centralized control of all access related activities within the organization

As an off-the-shelf software that enables organizations to efficiently manage employee identities and their access across physical access systems, HID SAFE Enterprise solves the key employee identity management challenges that organizations face — on-boarding and badging, off-boarding, access provisioning and compliance.

Visitor Management

Managing visitors and guests—from the time they are invited to the time they leave—is critical to the security of your organization. For many organizations, the processes used to manage these visitors is manual in nature, resulting in errors and long visitor wait times—often creating corporate risk from unscrupulous visitors.

Unfortunately, present day solutions which try to address these problems often lack the required robust architecture needed to achieve visitor management goals. A global solution must:

  • Possess the scalability and flexibility to respond quickly to changes in security policies
  • Integrate siloed security systems across locations and departments to enable complete automation of the visitor processes
  • Be easy install, use and maintain

HID SAFE Visitor Manager securely and quickly manages the entire visitor lifecycle from pre-registration to checkout while providing a high-quality visitor experience. As a completely web-based solution, HID SAFE Visitor Manager includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, registration, security checks and access authorization, check-in/check-out, badge printing and centralized reporting and audit trail functions. This effective, modern solution also provides additional capabilities such as:

  • Policy-based management of visitors
  • Extensive integration capabilities with external systems
  • Visitor kiosk for self-service check-in/check-out of visitors
  • Integrated watch list management

Contractor Management

One of the key challenges security faces in a large multi-location organization is the presence of many external contractors accessing various facilities. Contractors often need access to critical areas of an organization which can pose a significant risk to the company if contractors are not accurately vetted or do not have proper insurance and trainings in place.

While organizations want to centrally manage these identities, they lack the ability to manage the entities that these persons represent. More often that not, companies face unnecessary risks and non-compliance due to ineffective contractor management processes:

  • The data on file about the contractor and/or company is inaccurate and/or incomplete
  • Physical security is unable to tie a contractor’s start and end dates with their company’s contract start and end dates
  • Information is manually stored and processed, causing delays in the contractor’s on-boarding process and, in turn, costly delays in operations

HID SAFE Enterprise provides a self-service interface for organizations to easily onboard contractor organizations and their identities. This modern, effective, web-based software solution:

  • Uses a policy-based approach to manage the lifecycles of contractor identities
  • Automates all manual processes for provisioning and de-provisioning of contractors and vendors, ensuring accurate verification of identities is captured and stored
  • Allows access management of the contractors to be delegated to their authorized signers, minimizing the dependence on the parent organization
  • Enables the parent organization to enforce contractor-specific security policies to ensure that the security of the organization is not compromised
  • Provides automated audit and compliance reporting of all contractor related access activities

Tenant Management

Security is a big challenge in scenarios where a host organization has multiple third-party tenants sharing a facility or multiple buildings. The host organization desires to provide accessibility to the best facilities and services for their tenants without compromising the security of the facilities, and the tenants expect modern services which are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

To deliver the ideal level of security and services to tenants, it is critical for the physical security team to properly manage the identities of the tenants so that each person has proper access to the proper locations.

However, managing access provisioning for tenants is often a manual, error-prone process which:

  • Risks the integrity of access to exclusive areas for each tenant and jeopardizes the security of individuals, as well as the physical and intellectual assets of the tenants
  • Poses a risk to employees, customers, and the reputations of both the building owners and the various tenants accessing the premises
  • Causes potential delays in operations, leading to inefficiencies and end user dissatisfaction

HID SAFE Enterprise solves the challenges posed by multi-tenant facilities and ensures high security, faster operations and improved end-user satisfaction. Through its modern, web-based software solution, HID SAFE Enterprise:

  • Allows administrators to manage multiple companies (contractors, vendors, service providers) while keeping the data segregated
  • Enables tenant administrators to manage the access requirements of their own on-boarded identities, while the host organization maintains the authority to centrally enforce policies and track the access-related activities of the tenants
  • Provides a self-service interface for sponsors and/or delegated signers to submit new company information