Infant Security System in Hospitals

Protects against in-hospital child abductions and parent-infant mismatches.

An Infant Abduction Prevention System With RFID Technology

Bring peace of mind to new mothers and their loved ones that baby is safe from kidnapping or accidental mismatching of mother and infant with HID’s suite of RTLS solutions.

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Fighting “Code Pink” Hospital Infant Abductions

Code Pink!” Two words hospital staff dread. They mean an infant has gone missing, usually from the mother’s own hospital room.

Approximately 385,000 babies are born each day globally. That’s more than 140 million chances per year for human error to cause the wrong infant to be paired with the wrong mother. Nobody knows how often it happens, but it certainly does happen.

Hospitals of all sizes can benefit from a non-invasive, real-time location system (RTLS) that goes beyond tracking physical assets to alerting staff when a child exits a defined area without an approved adult.

The HID TotGuard™ infant security system pairs an RFID “Mother Tag” attached to appropriate parents and family with a baby’s ankle bracelet or umbilical tag. If there is no match, Code-Pink protocols can be immediately enacted.  

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I absolutely recommend TotGuard….You need a product that is highly versatile, that doesn’t cause additional alarms and is user-friendly. And TotGuard is all those things… Customer service has been spectacular!

Dixie Weber
Women’s and Urological Services Administrator
St. Luke’s Health System, Idaho

The HL7 and LDAP-Compliant Infant Security System

TotGuad from GuardRFID, a part of HID, combines RTLS hardware and software to protect against infant abduction and mother-child mismatches from patient admission to hospital discharge. Here’s how it works:

  • Infants and young pediatric patients are assigned an active RFID tag that is attached to umbilical clamps or a soft, wearable band that easily adjusts to newborns and fussy toddlers
  • Parents are assigned a wearable Mother Tag
  • Tagged patients without a tagged parent or guardian are instantly detected at exit doors, stairwells, elevators, etc. The system can be configured to enable alarms, alerts or even secure doors.
  • The system can be used for patient information with HL7 and LDAP-compliant integrations

The tamper-resistant infant tags are the smallest, lightest and least obtrusive in the industry. The tags are placed in a soft band designed to be worn on the tiniest of ankles or on the wrist for slightly older patients.

The HID RTLS Suite

Infant security is just one of the many benefits HID offers as part of our precision RTLS suite. We offer scalable, robust location services, including:

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Safety & Duress

Call for help with a discreet, wearable alert button
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Asset Tracking

Save time and money while increasing efficiency with precision locating
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Patient Workflow

Reduce bottlenecks in your office or facility
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Offer precise, step-by-step guidance with a mobile-device interface
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Wandering Patient Safety

Safeguard patients without restraining movement
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Why GuardRFID® for Infant Security?

Focus on caring for your tiniest patients while our TotGuard® Infant & Pediatric Security Solution provides children and families with a safe and secure environment in your facility using RTLS.

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