IoT Ecosystem With Real Time Location System

One platform that delivers real-time visibility and actionable data across multiple industries.

The need for real-time visibility of people, property and assets across an organization's multiple locations is growing. Meanwhile, companies juggle to balance employee satisfaction with security.  Increasingly, companies seek to embed trusted identities deeper into everyday activities to create a positive working environment, improve building functionality and ensure optimum efficiency.

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Employee Safety

For employees to return to work safely, companies must implement a myriad of newly required policies outlined by government and healthcare agencies around the world. HID Location Services deliver applications that digitally monitor physical distancing, automate contact tracing and track the usage of hand sanitation stations.

Smart Building

Providing a safe and efficient work environment for a company’s most valuable assets — its people and property — is paramount. Smart building applications provide organizations with real-time actionable data to enhance workplace security, safety and efficiency.

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HID redefines and accelerates the IoT experience in healthcare by providing real-time location of clinicians, patients, devices and proof-of-presence electronic visit verification. Increased visibility improves operational efficiencies, clinical accountability, patient throughput and asset management.


In partnership with ASSA ABLOY, HID extends IoT services to the hospitality industry. Access to real-time actionable data enables a safe workplace, delivers a frictionless guest experience, tracks assets within the property and provides condition monitoring capabilities for on-site equipment.

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