MFA for CJIS Countdown: 3 Paths to Compliance

Ensure secure, compliant and efficient access to Criminal Justice Information (CJI) with HID's MFA solution for your agency today.

Get MFA Ready Before October 1, 2024

Secure your MFA path to CJIS compliance today. Meet CJIS authentication requirements and evolving compliance needs with flexible and scalable MFA solutions to keep CJI safe and give law enforcement officials easy access to sensitive records at any time, from anywhere.

MFA Requirements in a Nutshell

Have the flexibility to deploy user-friendly MFA that safeguards data without standing in the way of critical law enforcement and administrative tasks. Choose the MFA path that best fits your needs, budget and systems already in place. To be compliant, you must protect something you have with either something you know or something you are:

Something you know Password PIN Security code Something you have Smart Card Security key Mobile device Token Something you are Fingerprint Facial scan + or

MFA — 3 Simple Paths to CJIS Compliance

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ID Badge

If you already use smart cards for physical access today, you can enroll them in a software solution that associates each card with a unique PIN, password or biometric — and use it as an MFA factor when accessing digital systems and devices.
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Security Keys

Another alternative is to use Crescendo security keys powered by PKI or FIDO technology — they are fast, secure and easy to deploy, streamlining access to digital resources. They also don’t require additional reader hardware.
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Mobile Devices

You can take advantage of mobile devices that are almost always at hand and embed them with the DigitalPersona® app to be used as an MFA factor when accessing other systems and devices.
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Security and Mobility With the Phoenix Police Department

With DigitalPersona, the Phoenix Police Department quickly and securely accesses criminal records in the field or in the office, while meeting the FBI’s CJIS requirements for mobile devices.

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HID Helps Columbia County Sheriff Meet CJIS Requirements

With Crescendo Smart Cards and the Credential Management System, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office added a whole layer of security and eliminated the burden of username and password — all while complying with the FBI’s CJIS requirements.

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