Mobile Identification

A comprehensive mobile identity management solution to secure our connected world.

HID's goID platform delivers a secure infrastructure that allows mobile identities to be safely provisioned and authenticated on a mobile device. The goID ecosystem is based on a field-proven technology that enables the issuance, lifecycle management and verification of mobile identities while adhering to widely-adopted, current identification standards and regulations. 

Key Features

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Using goID, a mobile ID can be provisioned to a smartphone by way of over-the-air-distribution, making it easier to assign or revoke a citizen’s credential in real-time.
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With goID, the mobile phone and/or verification device can be offline, enabling a mobile ID to be used even when not connected to the network.
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Verification of a citizen’s identity can be made at a safe distance — up to 20 meters (60 feet) away.
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HID’s goID is completely customizable; governments can adapt the application to match the needs of their particular nation, agency or use case.
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Role-based access prevents citizens from sharing all their data during verification, ensuring that their privacy is always protected.

goID™ Applications

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Mobile Licenses

From driver's licenses to gun permits to fishing and hunting licenses, mobile IDs can be tailored to meet unique use case requirements.
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Digital IDs

Widespread adoption of secure digital technology has created unprecedented opportunities for the issuance and management of citizen IDs.
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Travel Documents

Governments can securely provision, manage and revoke emergency or temporary travel documents, giving travelers greater convenience and peace of mind.

Verification Solutions

  • Citizen App: The mobile phone becomes a verification device thanks to a dedicated mobile verification application.
  • Simple Verifier: A device the size of a key fob verifies without keeping any personal data.
  • PC Verifier: Any office desktop setup can be transformed into a sophisticated verification solution.
  • Server Verifier: The secure access of online services is enabled through a web interface.
  • Mobile Verifier: A smartphone-like device is suitable for large-scale verification outside an office.

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