Multi-factor PKI Authentication Solutions

Multi-factor PKI authentication combines two or more independent credentials based on what the user knows (password), what the user has (security token) or what the user is (biometric verification) to authorize access in a system using public-key encryption.


Our multi-factor authentication solutions meet U.S. Federal Government access control standards for agencies and contractors. Our pivCLASS® line includes everything you need for MFA security to achieve FICAM and FIPS 201 compliance.

Key Features

  • Enter buildings and restricted areas equipped with a broad selection of contactless, contact plus contactless and biometric readers
  • Log in to computers and secure networks – on site and remotely
  • Securely access applications and data – even in the cloud
  • Digitally sign and encrypt documents and emails
  • Perform multi-factor authentication to meet all necessary authentication modes and assurance levels specified in NIST SP 800-116 and the TWIC Reader Specification
Building Blocks

PIV-enabled access control from one trusted source

How it Works

Complete Solution for PIV Enablement

HID Global's extensive portfolio of pivCLASS® multi-factor authentication solutions for government makes it easy for U.S. Federal Government employees, government contractors and other facilities to comply with security regulations. Using Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and other smart cards for physical access control drives compliance, interoperability and high security.