Digital Certificate Automation

As the volume of servers, devices and network endpoints continues to grow, HID PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) helps enterprises move away from the manual management of SSL certificates to automated, cloud-based solutions.

Streamlined, End-to-End PKI Coverage

As a decades-old foundational security technology, PKI is already deployed in enterprise infrastructure within a strong ecosystem of certificate-aware products. However, managing digital certificates manually is a security downside — it’s complex, time-consuming and carries the risk of outage.

With HID’s automated certificate management, you can:

  • Deploy quickly and scale easily with out-of-the-box integration into your existing infrastructure
  • Reduce the risk of certificate-related outages with automatic provisioning, installation and renewals
  • Streamline usage across channels and on a range of diverse devices
  • Simplify budgeting with a single, subscription fee instead of expensive per-certificate pricing

Using Certificate Automation on Your Network

Windows Computers and Servers
Automate certificate installation via an HID gateway installed in your enterprise domain that enables Active Directory Certificate Autoenrollment functions.

Network Devices
Automatically install digital certificates from your own dedicated CA via manufacturer provided configuration utilities that support SCEP and/or EST certificate provisioning.

MacOS Computers
Install certificates automatically from your own dedicated CA via OSX Profile Manager or third-party management platforms using our Certificate Request Proxy or standalone SCEP.

Web and App Servers
Fully automate TLS/SSL certificate issuance and renewal on your public-facing and internal web servers using certificate management utilities.

Application Integrations
Simply automate the rollout and management of certificates in complex environments with key management platforms like Venafi.

IoT Devices and Gateways
Issue certificates from your IoT-specific CA via our RESTful Certificate API designed to meet high-volume certificate issuance needs.

Automated Certificate Management With the Connector Model

HID PKIaaS leverages the connector model to automatically request and install certificates independent of one another. Simply add certificate utilities to the platform or embed it into popular enterprise platforms including:
  • Microsoft Intune
  • ACME
  • Apache
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Windows IIS

Get started with the connector model of HID PKIaaS >>

HID PKIaaS user interface