HID IoT Device Identity Lifecycle Management

A scalable cloud-based solution that delivers trust for IoT devices, automates device provisioning and manages device identity lifecycle.

IoT Lifecycle

Speed up IoT Deployment and Reduce Risk

HID PKIaaS offers an integrated solution in partnership with Device Authority that establishes digital trust, automates device provisioning and manages certificate lifecycle at IoT scale.

Key Features:

  • Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) — HID PKIaaS delivers a cloud-based managed PKI to issue public, private or U.S. Government Interoperable (Federal Bridge Certification Authority) digital certificates to secure IoT device mutual authentication, access control and communication within or between devices.
  • Automated Device Provisioning — Once trust is established, the HID PKIaaS solution facilitates device provisioning and enrollment to the cloud platform, such as Amazon AWS IoT Core or Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management — When a device is provisioned to the platform, the policy-based engine allows for the automatic renewal, reissuance or revocation of the digital certificate. It also allows for monitoring, updating, suspending or decommissioning device access.
  • Enhanced Platform Integration — The solution is designed with a flexible interface that integrates with ANY external platforms and services, including out-of-the-box integration with third party certificate authorities or IoT platforms such as Amazon AWS IoT Core, Microsoft IoT Hub and PTC ThingWorx.

Leading Identity-Based Certificates

Authenticate devices and protect data integrity and confidentiality — it all starts with HID PKIaaS pioneering secure IoT technology.

identrust-infographic4Fully AutomatedEasy IntegrationVersatile DeploymentCost Effective

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HID plus Device Authority

Seamless Device Identity Lifecycle Management

  • Combines Device Authority's KeyScaler™ with HID PKIaaS
  • Deliver certificates to devices without human interaction
  • Automated and complete IoT security
  • Deploy on-prem or in the cloud