Enterprise Timestamping Service

Establish secure, trusted timestamps with Time Stamping Authority (TSA) that are audited without managing infrastructure. Authenticate digitally signed data for regulatory compliance, financial transactions and legal evidence.

IdenTrust Keyfactor

Long Term Signatures With Trusted Timestamps

HID Timestamping-as-a-Service helps organizations to reduce risk by providing a long-term validation and non-repudiation of time and date. It provides a digital seal of data integrity and trusted date and time of when the transaction has occurred.

Execute legally binding, non-repudiation signatures for multiple use cases including:

  • Digital document signing
  • Software application code signing
  • Mobile application code signing
  • Firmware signing
  • Antivirus signature file signing
  • Financial transaction signing
How it Works

How it Works

Create trusted timestamp with Time Stamping Authority (TSA) using any software tool that complies with the RFC 3161 Time Stamping Protocol (TSP), such Microsoft® SignTool, Authenticode or other similar applications.

The hash is combined with the trustedtimestamp and is signed with its private key.HashHID IdenTrustTimestamping-as-a-ServiceHashTimestampTimestamp TokenThe client application receives the timestamp token.The client application requests a timestamp for adocument or software codeand a hash is generated.The timestamp token is recorded in the document or software code thatcontains X.509 digital signatures.PDF0111101001111010DOCX>1234

Establish Robust Compliance and Control for Your Trusted Assets

Exploring these HID solutions and services is critical for securing information and digital assets inside or outside the firewall.

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