Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

An RTLS approach of a different stripe offering more options and lower total cost of ownership.

Trusted, Robust and Scalable Location Services

HID collaborates closely with global partners to deliver custom Bluetooth™ Low Energy RFID solutions. Our modular options enhance organizations' capabilities, provide the fastest time to value and offer unrivaled flexibility.

One Infrastructure: Multiple RTLS Applications

Through constant innovation and the routine release of new capabilities within our platform, we continuously bring better IoT/RTLS capabilities to the market that cover a range of industries and use cases.

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Safety and Duress

Offers discreet call-for-help capability, tracks contact duration and simplifies compliance
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Asset Tracking

Saves time and money, boosts efficiency and enables better decision making.
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Infant Security

Protects against in-hospital child abductions and parent-infant mismatches.
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People Workflow

Reduces bottlenecks for patients, guests and employees.
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Wander Management

Protects memory-care patients who are prone to wandering.
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Allows mobile phone interface, step-by-step guidance and aides emergency mustering.
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HID Real-Time Location Services Benefits

HID’s RTLS approach brings gains in speed of operations, improved health and safety, cost savings, inventory management, asset protection and utilization. Consider the following benefits:

  • Lowest cost in class — from initial installation to wearables like wristbands and badge holders
  • Fastest time to value — projects that take months or years with the competition can take days or weeks
  • Full spectrum of options as the RFID leader, we offer an unmatched selection to meet your needs
  • Custom solutions — includes a broad offering of tag, reader and gateway customizations
  • Unparalleled flexibility — The widest range of tags, gateways/readers, form factors, price points, battery-life options, AC, DC and solar options

Real-Time Location Services Architecture

Our RTLS capabilities are accurate to within two meters and customizable to meet your needs, whether it be unique form factors, configurations, customer-specific data or more. The hardware and software combine to present real-time insights. We supply the “blue dot” that identifies location and stands as the foundation for the uses and applications.

Receives dataMore readers=more accuracyPasses to softwareAC, DC or solar HID Bluzone™ middleware Cloud or on premise The blue dot & API integration Transmits dataActive or passive RFIDStock or custom Actionable Insights3rd-party UX, tuning, alerts, etc. View, analyze and act Tags/Beacons Readers & Gateways Software

The Experts Agree

HID RTLS has been repeatedly named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services, Global. Per Gartner, leaders demonstrate the following:

  • “Cover a broad variety of customer requirements…”
  • “Provide complete and differentiating capabilities…”
  • “Include global service and support…”
  • “Offer the ability to shape the market…”
  • “Exhibit no obvious gaps in their portfolios...”

"HID technicians are extremely knowledgeable, responsive and customer focused…Their plug-& play hardware
makes it easy."

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Featured RTLS Partners

HID, along with our network of partners, enables solutions for all industries and for all size businesses. Here are just a few of our partners.

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