Returnable Transport Item and Container Tracking Solutions

Returnable transport item solutions uniquely identify returnable goods like kegs, gas bottles, boxes or pallets via an embedded or attached RFID tag. This helps to optimize supply chain processes, provides real-time inventory and prevents handling errors.

Reduce losses and human handling errors

Once a valuable container leaves a site, it is important to track and trace it carefully in order to recover assets and ensure the investment in the container aligns with current and future demand. HID Global’s RFID tags provides economical visibility into the location of your containers and assets:

The robust RFID transponders enhance container system inventory tracking, operational efficiency and lifecycle management. LF, HF and UHF RFID tags are available for optimal performance on wood, plastic or metal shipping containers of virtually any shape or size.

Standard HID RFID tags are designed for virtually any container, including refillable metal cylindrical beverage kegs, chemical drums and gas cylinders; large steel shipping and cargo shipping containers; and wooden or plastic crates and pallets. HID Global can also create a custom tag to meet requirements for chip type, dimensions, programming and materials.

Extremely Robust
HID InLine Plate Tags

HID® InLine Tag™ Plate

  • Very thin to allow container stacking
  • Extremely robust for outdoor use
  • Mounts on- or off-metal, UHF
  • Large surface for inscriptions or bar code
HID SlimFlex™ RFID Tags family

SlimFlex™ RFID Tag

  • Flexible, mounts to irregular surfaces
  • Highly durable for outdoor environments
  • Available in HF or UHF, multiple form factors
  • Laser engraving option for barcodes or text
Specially Designed
HID Keg Tag RFID Tags

HID® Keg Tag RFID Tags

  • Designed for metal kegs and cylinders
  • Highly temperature and mechanical resistant
  • LF or UHF versions available
  • Mount by welding or glue