RFID Animal Tracking & Identification

HID Global contactless RFID transponders help manage and safeguard livestock, pets, lab animals and products in the food supply chain. Use our Tag Selector Tool to find the right RFID tag for your needs.

Animal Identification Glass Tag Family

HID Glass RFID tags deliver consistent quality and reliability with patented direct-bonding technology that enables exceptional size-to-performance ratios.

Standard units are enclosed in biocompatible glass, making them harmless to animals. The optional parylene coating improves and accelerates tissue adhesion, preventing the movement of tags implanted subcutaneously into pets, fish or laboratory animals.

Protect and Manage Livestock

As commerce becomes increasingly global, the task of tracking and managing animals for food products becomes more critical and increasingly challenging. Animals may be transported over long distances, often mingling with livestock from different locations. Farm and zoo animals, as well as household pets are all potential carriers of threatening diseases.

HID Global provides a full range of specialized RFID technology for use in managing farm animals with ear-tags in low frequency or UHF, glass tags or boluses. Our innovative products are standards and regulatory compliant and are fully interoperable with other standardized Animal ID components and systems.

HID Global’s engineering team can also create custom tag solutions to fit application requirements for chip type, dimensions, programming and materials.

Animal Identification Embeddable RFID

HID Global can create ideal RFID tag solutions or provide the electronics for the effective monitoring of any size or type of animal where identification is more optimally located within a band, tag or ring secured externally to the subject. Fully automated production processes ensure dependable attachment of the IC to the antenna for finished product reliability. Patented direct-bonding technology also enables more compact tag designs and optimized read ranges.

Compliance & Security of Pets & Lab Animals

Secure identification of animals ensures the validity of research and identifies lost or stolen animals, aiding in their return. HID Global’s RFID Tag transponders record animals’ veterinary history, ensure proper care, and prevent the spread of disease.

Implanted subcutaneously, the transponders perform reliably over the long term, minimizing the potential for errors or traumatic tag removal and replacement. . This is an ideal solution in such cases as in the European Union, where chips are implanted under the skin of pets. This, coupled with an EU pet passport, permits travel of animals among EU member states without quarantine.

HID Global offers sizes to fit any animal, from fish and small mammals, to cats, dogs and horses. For tracking birds, small tags are embeddable in bird rings or bands. Durable small form factors with best-in-class read range performance has made HID Global’s animal identification transponders a top choice for veterinary professionals.

HID On Demand Programming

HID Global enables organizations of all sizes to focus on managing your business with pre-programmed tags to improve operational efficiency. Custom-programmed glass tags have flexible read-only or read-write capabilities, and they are delivered quickly and securely.

RFID Pet Tag Programming offers:

  • Flexibility - Order quantities as few as 2,000 pieces per order.
  • Speed and Efficiency - Shorter order-to-delivery time frames. 2,000 glass tags or higher volumes can be produced and delivered within ten days.
  • Reliability - HID Global is the industry's trusted source for processing, managing and issuing custom RFID tags for the food and animal industries.
  • Security – Programming on Demand Services feature a secure procedure for receiving, storing and processing your orders and managing UID numbers.
  • Accuracy – Receive secure transmission of on-demand history for all UID numbers and important programming data.
  • Transparency – Obtain transparency to ICAR certification requirements to assist you in meeting regulatory requirements.