Financial Card Printing

Instead of waiting days or weeks for a card to arrive in the mail, this solution allows an account holder to walk into a branch and leave minutes later with a custom-designed, fully functional debit or credit card.

The Immediate Service Customers Expect

HID TRISM Financial Instant Issuance from HID Global is an end-to-end Financial Instant Issuance (Fii) solution that enables immediate in-branch activation of payment cards.

PCI-compliant and meeting MasterCard® and Visa® standards, TRISM Financial Instant Issuance seamlessly and securely links confidential customer account and core banking information to payment cards on-demand, fully integrating with existing hardware and all on-site processors (e.g. AP, EFT and credit card).

Key Benefits

  • Be Top of Your Customer’s Wallet – With features like on-site activation and customer-selected PINs, cards issued in-branch have a greater likelihood of being “top of wallet” and tend to be put into use immediately — increasing interchange revenue.
  • Increase Customer Engagement – Instant issue debit cards and credit cards give current and prospective customers a compelling reason to visit the branch, providing an opportunity to tell them about other financial products and services.
  • Offer Unique Card Personalization – EMV chip-enabled cards are fully customizable with full-color backgrounds, photo IDs, company logos, and customer-selected PINs — meaning they are likely to be used more frequently.

Avoid the pitfalls of outdated central issuance and equip your tellers and associates with the ability to place fully functional, ready-to-use debit and credit cards into your customers' hands within minutes.