Social Extender Mobile Application for Events

Create a custom social network for your event.

Build Community to Increase Loyalty

With the social extender application, event attendees can use their mobile phones as “smart tickets” to gain access to your event. You can also communicate event details before, during, and after the event—and allow fans to share information within a dedicated social network.

This peer-to-peer model creates a sense of community around your event. Rather than pushing one-way communication from the top down, you have fans interacting with each other and generating buzz on their own. After the event, fans can save their “membership smart cards” as memorabilia.

Arjo social extender app on smart phone

The Fan Can...

  • Download the app on their mobile phone
  • Gain access to the event using a smart ticket
  • Select from multiple events
  • Chat with other fans
  • Find friends at the stadium
  • Post photos & contents
  • Receive information & promotions from the event promoter & sponsors

The event sponsor can push dedicated advertising and promotions to event-goers.

The event organizer can provide fans with information about the event before, during and after, including multimedia such as video, photos and wallpaper.

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