Ticketing Services & Support

HID Global offers complete support, personalization, and fulfillment services for ISO Standard smart cards, and paper-based tickets and wristbands.

How it Works

RFID Card Personalization Center

Flexibility: We can encode contact/contactless/dual-interface cards, RFID paper tickets, and RFID paper wristbands with a magnetic stripe. We offer color-dye sublimation, monochrome thermal transfer on PVC cards (single-side and dual-side, color or monochrome) and thermal paper personalization.

Internal Software Development Team: We can develop scripts and libraries to personalize each memory type and microprocessor

Services Available: Bulk or individual personalization, fulfillment, mailing

Our Services

Datapreparation andfile systemdesign Enveloping Mailing Variable datapersonalization(graphical &electrical)

Supported Credentials

  • ISO Standard Smart Cards – contact cards, dual interface cards, contactless cards
  • RFID thermal paper-based tickets (ISO and any other format)
  • RFID thermal paper-based wristbands
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Onsite Support

HID Global has a dedicated and skilled team to support the execution of big projects in field. Our team was involved in ticketing for the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, 2014 FIFA World Cup, 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and for more than 100 international concerts all over the World. We help our customers and partners in all key steps of ticketing production and fulfillment.

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