Threat and Fraud Detection Solutions

Provide your customers with an enhanced, secure environment for digital transactions — powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence — that enables real-time decision making and an uncompromised user experience.

Risk Assessment and Identity Protection

In today’s constantly evolving threat landscape, it is critical for financial institutions to adopt dynamic authentication methods which help to mitigate risk and better protect both corporate and customer assets. Digital Identities are our new currency through the connected world ― to safeguard them, organizations need to consider new business models to:

  • Evaluate risk accurately in real-time
  • Combat cybercrime through progressive technologies and data driven authentication
  • Improve operational efficiency and detect attacks in a timely manner
  • Meet increasing regulatory requirements for data privacy and identity protection

Avoiding Account Takeover and Fraudulent Transactions

  • Safeguard customer data and assets
  • Optimize user experience while carefully considering user risk level
  • Prevent fraud with step-up authentication
  • Thwart threats by prohibiting device intelligence to be bypassed
  • Explore the full power of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Industry Recognition