Wander Management for Dementia Care

Keep patients safe with the most accurate system to prevent wandering.

A Wander-Management System for Memory Care

HID’s precision system combines the smallest and lightest RFID tags in the industry with our GuardRFID RTLS Platform to proactively protect memory-care patients prone to wandering.

RFID Locating and Tracking Devices That Form the Patient-Wandering System

Approximately 50 million people globally have a form of dementia and studies have found that 75 percent of cases go undiagnosed. As their disease progresses, most will become prone to wandering.  

With the GuardRFID system, patients are assigned a tamper-proof active RFID tag to be worn comfortably around the wrist or neck. The tag transmits a periodic location signal to readers mounted around doors, exits, stairwells, elevators and other locations where the patient is not allowed to pass for their own safety. 

The AllGuard® software recognizes the tag, identifies the patient and activates rules as configured by the facility. Rules can include measures such as locking doors, activating alarms and generally initiating relevant protocols before the patient crosses the defined thresholds.

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Dementia Wandering at Night Tracking Devices

As the day progresses, dementia patients are far more likely to be confused and disoriented. This is not only a safety risk for the person, but a source of stress and anxiety for family members and staff.  

Couple that with darkness outside and the risks rise with each hour. More traditional approaches to this problem rely on additional nighttime staff to keep a close watch on things. The HID Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) approach is meant to reduce the need for extra staff while keeping memory-care patients safe and families at ease.

HID’s Suite of RTLS Solutions

In addition to wander management, HID offers RTLS platforms that can expand to meet the needs of businesses in nearly any industries. They include:

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Safety & Duress

Offers discreet call-for-help capability, tracks contact duration and simplifies compliance.
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Asset Tracking

Saves time and money, boosts efficiency and enables better decision making.
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Infant Security

Protects against in-hospital child abductions and parent-infant mismatches.
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People Workflow

Reduces bottlenecks for patients, guests and employees.
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Wander Management

Protects memory-care patients who are prone to wandering.

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