Multi-factor Authentication

HID Global enables millions of employees across the globe to securely access their work. We provide the industry’s broadest array of authentication form factors, methods and security standards to create an MFA ecosystem based on your unique business needs.

Strong MFA for Evolving Organizations

Today's ever-changing threat landscape requires a layered security approach that offers 360° protection of networks, systems, applications and data. Because users need varying levels of access, it's no longer possible to rely on authentication solutions based on a single factor— even two-factor (2FA) is increasingly prone to security challenges.

By implementing a flexible and layered Zero Trust security approach, HID Global helps organizations move beyond single factor and 2FA to:

  • Secure all networks, systems, devices and applications — on-prem, hybrid or in the cloud
  • Deploy flexible authentication options for varying use cases and identity assurance needs
  • Ensure frictionless security for all types of users
  • Set up quickly and scale easily as business needs evolve
  • Stay ahead of the threat with intelligent, risk-based profiling
  • Keep track of audit logs and maintain rigorous compliance standards
  • Implement customized solutions to fit your needs with HID Global Professional Services

Balance User Convenience and Security Needs

With the broadest selection of authentication options in the industry, our advanced multi-factor solution is capable of building a frictionless user experience that blends convenience and protection. Organizations can meet specific security needs across all workforce and customer identities.

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Extend Security Controls With Integrations

Integrations make it easy to protect and provide seamless access to these services:

Industry Leading Experience

HID has decades of experience in delivering advanced identity solutions in the government space for employees, citizens and contractors. We've implemented advanced multi-factor authentication solutions in some of the most complex IT environments and trusted by:

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Featured Case Study
Hypo Aple-Adria Bank: HID Global was selected to implement a secure mobile banking solution with embedded, seamless multi-layer authentication.
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activid-quote4ActivID™ Authentication Appliance provided Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bankwith a multi-layered, versatileauthentication solution that wascost-effective.Alberto Skendrović, Executive Director Organisation/IT