Visitor Management Systems

HID's visitor management solutions offer a range of powerful yet flexible options for any busy lobby. Remove friction, make a great first impression and extend identity management beyond visitors to contractors and vendors.

Intuitive Visitor Management Systems for Busy Lobbies

Visitor management can be as simple as logging a visitor at the front desk, or it might require far more complexity. No matter the need, we have a solution that meets the most exact requirements. With more flexibility in workflow and deployments than anyone else in the market, we'll implement a solution that works best for your organization and timeline, allowing you to:

  • Make a great first impression and reduce visitor wait times, all while preventing piggybacking and security breaches
  • Ensure correct access provisions for every identity type on every visit — at the front desk or through an automated self-service check-in
  • Reduce burden on front desk staff for tasks around onboarding, vetting, pre-approval and termination for visitors or even large groups

Powerful Visitor Management Features

Custom Approval Workflows
Create workflows based on identity type — visitors, contractors, vendors and more.

Large Group Check In
Provide a streamlined, fast check-in experience for large groups or events.

Watchlists and Screening
Check visitors against internal and external watchlists with notification of their presence.

Contactless Check-In
Scan a QR code or ID card for a touchless check-in experience.

Integrations With Identity Systems
Seamlessly connect access control and identity systems while reducing overhead expenses.

Temporary Badges for Employees
Uphold access privileges on company policy — even when employees forget their badges.

WorkforceID visitor dashboard

Flexible Workflows and Centralized Reporting

HID visitor management solutions offer the broadest set of features and capabilities from any single vendor. A seamless integration into existing systems provides a centralized approach to management complete with data analytics — giving you deep and powerful insights into the identities in your facilities at all times.

Removing Friction and Reducing
Wait Times

An effortless check-in experience for your workforce and visitors is our top priority. Through self-service kiosks and an intuitive user interface, visitors can simply and swiftly sign themselves in without assistance. Front desk staff are freed from the burden of a complicated check-in process and can focus on more critical tasks.

WorkforceID kiosk

Industry-Specific Visitor Management Systems

We understand visitor management needs vary across industries. HID offers vertical expertise and feature sets specific to them.

Flexible Deployment Options

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Cloud-Based Visitor Management

HID WorkforceID™ offers visitor
management in the cloud with no software
installation or updates required.

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On-Premise Visitor Management

HID EasyLobby® SVM™ offers an
automated visitor management
system on-premise.

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The Most Access Control Integrations on the Market

Our solutions integrate with 55 current and legacy providers. Not looking to integrate? We can guide you to the perfect system when you're ready.




Why HID Visitor Management Solutions Are a Perfect Fit

HID will help implement the right solution for your organization while ensuring long-term success. Every year, over 40 million visitors check in using our solutions.

Our solutions fit the specific needs of any organization and offer the most workflow flexibility on the market.

Frictionless, intuitive check-in experiences should be a given — for both workforce and visitors.

Connects with over 55 different identity, HR and other systems to create a 360 view of who's in your facilities.

With 25 years of experience in the visitor management space, we're trusted by over 4,000 customers worldwide.

What Our Happy Customers Say

Learn how a major U.S. technology company integrated visitor management into the design of its new flagship corporate headquarters to deliver a seamless visitor experience.

Learn how Trinity Real Estate implemented a visitor management system that provided reliability, redundancy and ease of use for clients.

"Allows many different options that include management of visitors, employees andpackages. Allows us to run a quick scan forcriminal background checks on arrivals."- Avi S., Mid-market customer