HID® Bluzone™ Support & Maintenance Terms

The following terms apply to:

  • Enterprise Indoor Location and Condition Monitoring solutions that includes both hardware (BLE Beacons and Gateways) and Bluzone™ Enterprise Software provided as a software-as-a-service solution
  • Trusted Tag™ services, including hardware and authentication software provided as a software-as-a-service solution

1. Terms & Definitions

Terms used in this exhibit are as follows in the following table:

Acknowledgement Time The time between an incident being reported to HID by the Customer and HID acknowledging receipt to the Customer.
Customer Systems Refers to any and all systems deployed and managed by Customer or Customer contractor which may have some effect on HID performance. Examples of such systems include Wi-fi or Internet Access, Networking, ERP, Access Control systems, database or analytics solutions.
End of Life Refers to any software (Bluzone™ release and / or OS and / or 3rd party) software that is declared as no longer supported by HID
Hour For the purpose of support response and resolution, hours is defined as consecutive hours (not business hours)
Incident Resolution Refers to changes to the service or procedures that either fix or serve as workaround for a problem.
Maintenance Refers to the modification of the Bluzone™ software and infrastructure in order to deliver new features, correct failures, improve performance or other attributes, including but not limited to any Material Change.
Material Change Means any change made by HID that may impact the Service, including without limitation changes to the device hardware, firmware, Bluzone APIs and any other aspect of the software that has any potential impact on the integration with Customer systems.
Normal Business Hours Normal Business Hours are 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday-Friday.
Resolution An operational fix of the reported issue.
Resolution time Refers to the time elapsed from initial response until either a resolution of the incident or the implementation of a workaround that reduces the incidence level and is acceptable by the Customer.

Please note that in rare situations, HID requires physical access to hardware in order to resolve an issue or to properly service a request. In these situations, HID’s resolution time is dependent on the availability of a Customer engineer or a Partner engineer who are co-located with the physical hardware.
Response Time Refers to the time that elapsed between HID receiving the incident notification and the initial response to the Customer which may be a Resolution or a Workaround
Release Refers to a version, either full or a hot-fix, of the Bluzone™ software or any other 3rd party software that is used in its backend system
Severity Refers to an agreed classification of an Incident or request in terms of business impact.
Severity Level 1 - Critical Refers to an Incident that causes the unavailability of the service.
Severity Level 2 - Major Refers to an Incident that causes downtime of significant functionality or significantly affects the major portion of the system’s capacity.
Severity Level 3 - Medium Refers to an Incident that is causing a moderate impact on the service functionality or a minor portion of the system’s capacity.
Severity Level 4 – Low/Minor Refers to an inquiry or an Incident that has a minor or no impact on the service functionality.
Support The HID customer support team. This group is responsible for the technical communications with customers. They focus on two areas:
  • Work with the Customer to resolve issues;
  • Work with Support Engineers to address physical needs of the Customer in their ability to receive API data as per defined usage of the service.
  • Support Hours Daily hours of business that the HID support team is available for support. Customers can open support cases with HID Support 24/7.
    Workaround Refers to a temporary bypass, patch or solution for an Incident that restores the functionality of a disrupted service.

    2. Support & Maintenance

    1. The Customer may contact HID support team via the following methods:
      1. Via mail to [email protected]
      2. Via Bluzone’s customer case ticketing system (Jira).
      3. By telephone at 866.777.7210
    2. The HID support system shall automatically assign a case number to any Customer request upon receipt. The case number should be sent to the Customer as an acknowledgment that this issue has been received within the Acknowledgement Time. The Customer must quote the assigned case number in all subsequent communications regarding a particular issue.
    3. HID may supply support and maintenance services by certified HID engineers or certified partner following PM’s best practices and security guidelines. Unless otherwise noted in an applicable Statement of Work (SOW), HID will remain fully responsible for the delivery of the services to Licensee.
    4. HID or assigned party shall respond and act upon any Customer reported incident in accordance with its severity as described in section1 above:

    2.1 Support Response and Resolution

    Severity Acknowledgement Time Response Time Estimated Resolution Time
    Severity Level 1 – Critical 5 minutes 1 Hour Up to 12 Hours
    Severity Level 2 – Major 30 minutes 4 Hours 1 Business Day
    Severity Level 3 – Degraded 30 minutes 4 Normal Business Hours 2 Business Days
    Severity Level 4 – Low/Minor 2 hours 1 Business Day during normal business hours 10 Business Days

    2.2 Support Definitions

    Severity Definition Examples Resolution (one or few)
    Severity Level 1 – Critical Causing downtime or preventing the whole system from functioning or any partial unavailability of features affecting more than 40% of End Customers Service is unavailable; more than 80% of the system and hardware are unavailable Satisfactory workaround is provided; patch is provided; equipment issue is addressed / replaced; fix incorporated into current production release
    Severity Level 2 – Major Causes downtime of significant functionality or significantly affects more than 40% of End Customers Network level beacons & Blufi connectivity issues. Regions and locations offline. Satisfactory workaround is provided; patch is provided; equipment issue is addressed / replaced; fix incorporated into future release.
    Severity Level 3 – Degraded Effects non-critical functionality or causes downtime of a non-critical part of the system capacity Localized connectivity issues. Isolated beacons or Blufi connectivity issues)

    Cannot login to Bluzone portals and tools;
    Satisfactory workaround is provided; patch is provided; fix incorporated into future release
    Severity Level 4 – Low/Minor Minor problem that does not impact the service, questions or support inquiry   Answer to question is provided; fix incorporated into future release; KB update

    2.3 Maintenance

    1. HID shall periodically publish new releases as well carry out upgrades and maintenance of the system infrastructure in order to roll out new features and improve stability and security. Planned maintenance notifications shall be visible to End-Users upon login to the Bluzone™ system. HID may, in addition, email maintenance notifications to its customers but is under no obligation to do so.
    2. HID may decide, at its sole discretion, to perform emergency maintenance and shall exercise its best efforts to provide the Customer a minimum of 8 business hours’ notice of such work by email.
    3. HID shall periodically implement relevant security patches in accordance with its patch management policy, as part of either planned or emergency maintenance activity. Notifications to the Customers will be handled in accordance with the maintenance type, as stated above.
    4. Neither party will be held responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations hereunder due Force Majeure event that directly or indirectly delay or prevent its timely performance hereunder. Dates or times by which each party is required to render performance under this Agreement shall be postponed automatically to the extent that the party is delayed or prevented from meeting them by such causes.
    5. Both planned and unplanned downtime will count against the target availability numbers as calculated by the formula in Section 4 (Service Availability) below.
    6. HID shall not communicate with End Customers, except those End Customers that are directly customers of HID, directly unless expressly authorized to do so by the Customer.

    2.4 Software Development Support

    1. Bluzone shall provide to the Customer the necessary software and support (documentation, hardware, and other information, together the “Development Support Materials”) to integrate and maintain HID software with Customer Systems via standard APIs against the minimum agreed upon design spec, within agreed time lines and specifications.
    2. HID shall provide high quality software that shall provide the features agreed with the Customer and at a high quality. Any issues/gaps identified against the minimum agreed upon design spec shall be addressed within 5 working days from each new delivery of Development Support Materials or any part thereof.
    1. HID shall provide necessary API documentation to refer during SW integration and maintenance in a self-served manner.
    2. The following escalation path will be followed for contacting HID:
      • Level 1 – Named Program Manager
      • Level 2 – HID / Bluzone Customer Service Manager
      • Level 2 – HID / Bluzone Cloud Director
      • Level 3 – HID / Bluzone COO
      • Level 4 – HID / Bluzone CEO

    3. Exclusions from Support & Maintenance

    HID shall be under no obligation to provide support and maintenance in respect of:

    1. Incorrect or unauthorized use of the Bluzone™ system where such use is not in accordance with HID documentation, templates, or training;
    2. Problems that are related to the Customer Systems or the End Customers’ environments and are beyond HID ’s control such as electricity, physical damage to hardware, hardware theft, networking access, internet latency or reliability that are caused by Geo location;
    3. Overdue payments from the Customer.