Technical Support Case

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For Identity and Access Management (IAM) products (i.e. ActivID AAA, Authentication Appliance/Software, CMS, ActivClient, HID PIV, HID Approve, Validation Suite, and OTP tokens), please visit the IAM Knowledge Base at

For HID Location Services & Condition Monitoring: BEEKs™ Beacons, Blufi™ Gateways, and Bluzone™ Cloud, click here.

For HID SAFE products please click here.

For PACS, Secure Issuance and Embedded Solution products (i.e iCLASS, HID Prox, Indala, VertX, Fargo/Asure ID, EasyLobby, Lumidigm, Omnikey, and TRISM), please fill out the form below.

For Crossmatch products, please click here.