Sustainable Products & Solutions

The HID Global Product Marketing and Product Development teams are connecting our environmentally-focused customers with our environmental product features and certifications.


What are the HID Global customers are saying? They place high importance on environmental product attributes such as energy savings, recycled content, and recyclability. Leading the way are our Secure Issuance ID Printers and Physical Access Control iCLASS© Readers. In order to reinforce the messaging and provide value to our brands, HID Global has partnered with GreenCircle™ to provide independent third-party validation, assuring our sustainability claims and reinforcing our position as a market leader.

Secure Issuance ID Printers

For many products in our printer portfolio, GreenCircle validated our products’ energy savings of 39% – 66% as compared to a baseline of a similar product.

“Achieving GreenCircle Certification for our card printers shows HID Global’s dedication to continually improving workplace efficiency and complementing our customers’ green initiatives on a global basis,” said Mike Mans, Secure Issuance Product Marketing Manager with HID Global.


Physical Access Control iCLASS© Readers

Another certification of energy savings was received for the iCLASS© readers. This achievement was based on a 59% energy savings when the product operated in Intelligent Power Mode (IPM) versus the baseline of standard mode.

“GreenCircle certification provides a powerful communication of HID Global’s commitment to green innovation,” said Brandon Arcement, Director of Product Marketing with HID Global. “It enables our customers to invest in our platforms with confidence and choice to select the HID product and configuration that best aligns with their sustainability goals.”


Connecting Customers with Green Product Attributes

These certifications of energy savings provide a powerful communication tool that instills consumer confidence in our energy savings claims. By connecting customer input to validated green product attributes we are creating a clear environmental strategic process.