WorkforceID Pricing

WorkforceID™ is an ever-expanding set of cloud-based applications that help small to medium businesses manage compliance issues and address evolving cyber and physical security challenges.

Visitor Manager

WorkforceID Visitor Manager helps you safely welcome everyone — employees and visitors — back to the office with wellness checks, touchless QR code-based sign-in, comprehensive workplace visit reports and more. All plans include preregistration for unlimited visits and visitors, check-in for walk-in visitors, self-service or reception check-in, real-time reporting and directory management. We offer tiered pricing plans to meet your needs and budget.

Basic Essential Advanced* Premium*
  • Visitor management at a single location
  • Internal watchlists

Basic features plus:

  • Manage up to five locations
  • Customizable sign-in workflows
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Bulk visitor check-in
  • Integration with external watchlists
Essential features plus:

  • Unlimited locations
  • Configurable registration flows
  • Visitor parking
  • Employee directory integrations

Advanced features plus:

  • Event and large group visitor management
  • Self-service event check-in via kiosk
  • Customizable badge templates
  • Trade compliance and foreign national visit rules
  • Multi-language support


USD per year


USD per location, per year

Starting at $11.50*

USD per ID, per year

Starting at 17.50*

USD per ID, per year

*Minimum 2500 identities

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Digital Credential Manager

WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager provides a complete Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution enabling organizations to centrally create and manage credentials that protect access to networks and cloud applications.

Two WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager subscription options are available based on the type of Certificate Authority (CA) an organization chooses to deploy.

With Publicly Trusted CA With Private Dedicated CA
  • Devices issued with authentication, signature and encryption certificates
  • Leverages IdenTrust TrustID certificate authority
  • Devices issued with authentication certificates
  • Certificate authority dedicated to and trusted only by your organization


USD per user, per year


USD per user, per year

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