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Webinar: Security Essentials
for K-12 Schools

Learn about state-of-the-art security and visitor management solutions for K-12 schools.

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Best practices to help keep students, faculty and staff safer.

Learn how to better assess your existing security policy and implement cutting-edge solutions for managing visitors to keep your school safe.

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Six Ways to Make K-12 Schools More Secure
Safeguard Your School with Visitor Background Checks

New visitor management software saves you time while protecting your students.

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Making K-12 Schools
More Secure

Learn how to evaluate and augment your current prevention and response strategies.

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HID Global Unveils ActivID® Tap Authentication™ Solution

HID Global’s new solution offers convenient, secure multi-factor authentication of cloud applications and web services.

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Survey: Evaluating the Trade-offs Between Convenience and Risk

More and more, employees are using mobile devices for their daily work, creating security challenges for IT. A new survey provides insights into the steps organizations are taking to address this issue.

NEW White Paper: As Enterprise Mobility Usage Escalates,
So Does Security Risk
HID Global Unveils ActivID® Tap Authentication™ Solution

HID Global’s new solution offers convenient, secure multi-factor authentication of cloud applications and web services.

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Infographic: Securing the Mobile-First Experience

More organizations are going mobile. But mobility has its challenges, too.

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ActivID® Tap

Simplified access to Microsoft® cloud apps from mobile devices

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Commercial Availability
of Trusted Tag Services

Add trust to “proof of presence“ and Internet of Things Applications (IoT) using NFC

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The only solution securing NFC "proof of presence" applications

HID Trusted Tag® Services combine HID Global’s patented NFC trusted tags and cloud-based authentication platform, adding trust to everyday objects.

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Understanding the power of NFC tags
Verify caregiver

Secure "proof of presence" provides accountability and accuracy to reduce billing fraud

Learn about Electronic Visit Verification
Increase customer engagement for your brand

Deliver rich interactive content to analyze brand performance.

Create digital out-of-home campaigns

“Like HID” doesn’t make it “Genuine HID.”

What is Genuine HID?

Genuine HID is a commitment to ensuring that your investment in the world’s leading secure identity solutions can be made with confidence.

It’s about…

  • Future-proofing scalable products and services;
  • Offering the broadest line of interoperable solutions and then backing them up with best-in-class global warrantees;
  • And finally, it’s about innovation and excellence.

Our Commitment to Excellence


PBS' Inside Education highlights the recent backpack donations made by HID Global during the ISC West security conference in Las Vegas.

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The best example of Genuine HID at work can be seen in the extended value we provide our customers and channel partners.

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Genuine HID is committed at the highest level to reducing its environmental footprint throughout a product’s entire lifecycle.

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HID Global Wins Recognition from Government Security News for National ID Solution

HID Global, along with its integration partner DGM Sistemas, has been recognized by Government Security News (GSN) magazine for their custom national ID solution that has improved the lives of over 6.5 million people in Angola for the past seven years.

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IdenTrust Adds PIV-I Digital Certificates

IdenTrust has completed direct cross-certification with the U.S. Federal Bridge Authority (US FBCA), and credentialing systems can be updated via several digital identity assurance options.

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HID Global Acquires Quantum Secure

Quantum Secure's SAFE software suite provides a physical security policy platform to manage secure identities, compliance and operational analytics across multiple sites and systems.

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