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HID Global is the trusted source for innovative products, solutions and services that help millions of customers around the globe create, manage and use secure identities.

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How to Protect People, Data and Patient Privacy
Learn why unifying physical and information security is essential in a healthcare setting.
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Verify Caregiver Visits

Secure “proof of presence” provides accountability and accuracy to reduce billing fraud. HID Trusted Tag® Services is a cloud-based authentication platform and NFC-enabled trusted tags, adding trust and security to Electronic Visit Verification applications.

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Healthcare Solutions that Open More than Doors
Our end-to-end technologies enable workflow efficiencies for hospitals and clinics.
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Streamline the Visitor Registration Process
Learn how Connecticut Children's Medical Center securely tracks 2,000+ daily visitors
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Lumidigm Real World Capabilities
The true test of any biometrics technology is how it performs in the real world.
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Biometrics: “Who you are” authentication

Biometrics is the only mode of authentication that can unequivocally validate a person's identity. HID Biometrics offers this certainty along with greater security and convenience.

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Lumidigm Real World Capabilities
The true test of any biometrics technology is how it performs in the real world.
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Biometric Data?
Learn How to Protect Against Criminal Use of Stolen Biometric Data
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Best Practices
The strategic guidance necessary for a successful deployment of Fingerprint Biometrics
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“Like HID” doesn’t make it “Genuine HID.”

What is Genuine HID?

Genuine HID is a commitment to ensuring that your investment in the world’s leading secure identity solutions can be made with confidence.

It’s about…

  • Future-proofing scalable products and services;
  • Offering the broadest line of interoperable solutions and then backing them up with best-in-class global warrantees;
  • And finally, it’s about innovation and excellence.

Our Commitment to Excellence


The best example of Genuine HID at work can be seen in the extended value we provide our customers and channel partners.

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HID Global has been recognized for environmental stewardship by both customers and community.

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Top Trends for Secure Identity in 2016

Five key developments that HID Global believes will have the greatest impact during this year on identity and access management, citizen identification and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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HID Global Acquires IAI

IAI industrial systems B.V. expands HID Global’s portfolio of card printing/encoding solutions with the addition of centralized card personalization equipment and passport personalization capabilities for the delivery of end-to-end citizen identity solutions.

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HID Global Acquires Quantum Secure

Quantum Secure's SAFE software suite provides a physical security policy platform to manage secure identities, compliance and operational analytics across multiple sites and systems.

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