Lumidigm is now HID Biometrics

Lumidigm is now HID Biometrics

Lumidigm is now HID Biometrics! Lumidigm was founded in 2001 on the promise of superior biometric performance. The launch of HID Biometrics is the culmination of the Lumidigm acquisition by HID Global in 2014, extending the authentication portfolio while positioning the company to deliver a variety of new secure identity solutions.

HID Biometrics continues to focus on the strengths of Lumidigm multispectral imaging technology, innovative software and biometric solutions. Multispectral imaging technology has a proven track record and has successfully demonstrated reliability, security and convenience in commercial and government applications around the world, involving millions of users. Performance matters! The true test of any biometrics technology is how it performs in the real world.

  • Banking — Lumidigm’s biometric authentication solution is available at more than 100,000 ATMs in Brazil (three of the top five banks) and more than 25,000 bank branches in South Africa (four of the top six banks).
  • Healthcare — Lumidigm biometric sensors authenticate healthcare workers who access medical dispensing cabinets in hospitals around the United States. In Mexico, a public health insurance program relies on multispectral fingerprint biometrics to preventing fraudulent access to healthcare.
  • Hospitality/Entertainment — At a major international theme park, biometric authentication at park entries has reduced transaction time, enhanced customer experience, and reduced ticket fraud.
  • Government — Busy Hong Kong and Macau border crossings leverage multispectral imaging technology to alleviate long processing delays while reliably authenticating over 600K visitors every day and identifying fraudulent fingerprints (spoofs).

Lumidigm biometrics solution information can now be found on the HID Biometrics page.This and other web pages fully represent the breadth and depth of our complete Biometrics portfolio, led by the Lumidigm family of products, including the Lumidigm® V-Series and M-Series Fingerprint Sensors and Modules. Supporting material, such as datasheets and white papers, can be found on their related web pages, via the document library, and on the Lumidigm Technical Support page.

Solution development and trusted support continue to be provided by same experienced staff that built Lumidigm. When knowing “who” matters, call HID Biometrics for a secure, convenient and reliable authentication solution.